Fashion - by Maya

I am writing about fashion. Everyday people have good looks. Some people dress funny and some people dress ugly. A lot of people don’t like pink. I will tell you what people like to wear. Some people like t-shirts but some don’t like t-shirts. Some people like to wear jewelry. Some people like sparkles and some people love sparkles. Rhiannon love pink sparkles. I think Stephanie look nice because I like her shoes. Everybody looks nice. I like fashion.

Cooking - By Nailah

We cooked Chinese food one day with Beth. It was vegetables with peas and mushrooms and a big pot of water. We cooked the vegetables in a skillet with hot olive oil and soy sauce. We used the boiling water to cook rice noodles. We ate with chop sticks and forks. We put the noodles on the plate first and the vegetables second. Beth let us take home the chop sticks. Everybody got seconds and thirds. Then the soy sauce got all over the table. It was messy. Beth had to clean the mess up again and again and again and again. I felt happy and excited. I was sad when it was over.

Clubs - By Luis

I picked P.E. games for fifth grade clubs.We are playing baseball. When we first come in Tanya does work out activities with us. We do exercises like squats, sit ups, push ups and running. We split into two teams to play baseball. If we are lucky we can have free time. We get to play whatever we want. I like to play basketball a lot when there is free time.

I enjoy clubs. I like PE games. I like baseball. I like to like to hit the ball. I also like football too. I like PE games, because I can use all my energy and play with my friends. I am happy to be in PE games.

Bronx Botanical Gardens - By Jonathan

We took a trip to the Bronx Botanical Gardens. We took a bus ride there. I took a nap during the bus ride. I saw four sculptures: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The faces were made by Arcimboldo.

We saw huge heads made out of fruit and vegetables. Each of them were named after a season. Some have leaves, sticks, fruits and leaves. Some have fruits for eyes. One of the seasons had a beard and mustache made of sticks. We studied Arcimboldo. We learned his art was funny. It was very, very, very, very cold. I was in a heavy jacket. I felt warm in my jacket. My paper was blowing up and down. It was hard writing with the paper going up and down! That's why I went inside. We went to eat lunch in a big building. Then we went back on the bus.

I took another nap on the bus. John and I talked about Pokemon on the way back to school. Going back to the school I saw my house and my cat. We finally got to school.

Projects - By Aiden

Hi, I am Aiden. I am talking about projects. The big picture is of my mouse. He is a robot. Not a real one just a statue. I made him out of a computer mouse. I used two little buttons for the eyes and one big button for the nose. I also used a wire I cut into six pieces for the whiskers. I named him Galactic Mouse.

Man, I love projects. We can make all sorts of stuff. Animals, men, robots, etc. I love it all. It is so much fun we take trash and make statues.

Well, thank you for reading my blog - bye!

Cooking Fondue - By Stephanie

Today I'm writing about cooking fondue with Beth. The first thing is to get your ingredients they are chocolate chips,corn syrup,fruits,vanilla and water. The Next step to do is to get a pan put it in stove in a high temperature add your chocolate chips then add your corn syrup and vanilla then stir your ingredients. Final step is to get a cup and pour the melted chocolate. Then cut the fruit and put in the skewer dip in your chocolate. And enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Thursday we have cooking with Beth. She comes and she cooks with us. I really enjoy It, because I love chocolate. I really like Thursdays, becauuse I want to learn how to cook when I have my own bakery.

Galactic Baby - By Luis

I made a robot named Galactic Baby. He has 1 screw for a nose and 2 screws for legs. The face is a computer mouse. His body is a motor. His eyes are knobs. He has computer buttons for ears. His arms are made from a radio antenna. I put him together using a hot glue gun. I had so much fun.

I feel proud of my robot. I made it with my friend Aiden. I feel good about myself because I like to invent things. The best part was looking for different pieces, and breaking them up to make him. I enjoyed making Galactic Baby. It was fun making him. Now I can have fun playing with him.

Falling in the Pond - by Charlie

I’m writing about when I fell into the pond at camp. I was with Nailah and Maya. We found a frog. The frog needed water. Maya told me to get water for the frog that we found. Then I went to the dock. The edge was slippery, and then I fell into the water. Andrew held me by my hand and pulled me onto the dock. I said to Andrew, “Where is my hat?” Andrew jumped back in to get my hat, and I said to Andrew, “Where is your phone?” It was soaking wet. Andrew and I sat on the dock. A black spider jumped on Andrew’s shirt.

I felt worried and sad. I was crying, and then we went to lunch and then in the night we ate marshmallows, and then we did a night hike. We heard animal noises, and then we went to sleep.

Making Spider Webs - By Aiden

Hi I am Aiden. I am going to tell you about Art with Rachel. At first we did a weaving called a spider web. That is the big picture. Look at it. That is a spider web.

To make a spider web...

Materials: 2 sticks, glue or string, and yarn.

  • Step 1: glue sticks in a (+) or (x) shape.
  • Step 2: tie yarn to the center of the sticks or glue.
  • Step 3: weave yarn under and over in a circle until you think its good.

If you want you can look at the video below.

I love spider webs. They are so fun to make.They are so cool. You can make bracelets, necklaces and so much more.So now you can make one too. Well thank you for reading my blog bye : )

Little Bits - By Aiden

Hi, I am Aiden. I am going to tell you about Little Bits. Little Bits are small circuits, as you can tell by the name :)

My favorite is the one in the big picture. It is the robot arm, in the picture I am diagramming. Little bits are so fun. I love to play with the little bits. They have magnets on them so it's easy to attach other pieces. Oh yeah, for you people that don't know what a diagram is, it's just a fancy way of drawing (tee hee) :)

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